Plain yellow sticky-notes?  

Sorry.  That’s Not our thing.

DeskGlam was founded on the idea that your workspace, your desk, and your office supplies should all inspire and motivate you to create your best, most exciting work ever!

We’re all about making your workspace pretty AND productive.

Whether you’re a #bossbabe that hustles from home, comingles at a co-working space or you just simply adore a well-adorned cubicle, our goal at DeskGlam is to deliver 6-10 carefully curated desktop accessories and office supply surprises that will keep you – and your workspace – pretty and productive!


Founder  + Creative Director

Hi there! I’m Cristin and I’m the Founder of DeskGlam! I created DeskGlam because I believe that an inspiring and organized workspace full of awesome office supplies and accessories can make your time spent working even better and more productive (something tells me you might feel the same!).  Every month, I search high and low to find the most unique, fun and functional office supplies that are perfect for your desk at work, your office at home or your coworking cubicle!  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about DeskGlam – I’d be happy to answer! Just send me an email at!  Here’s to #prettyproductivity !