Frequently Asked Questions


what is deskglam?

DeskGlam delivers a mix of unique, colorful and inspiring office supplies, desk accessories and work-related items to your doorstep (or office!) every month.  Around the 15th of each month, you’ll recieve a beautiful, bright pink DeskGlam box that’s been carefully curated, delivering office and work-related items that you can use at your office, your home workspace, traveling, or anywhere that work might take you!  

How does it work?

Once a month, right around the 15th, you’ll recieve your preciously packed DeskGlam box containing pretty and productive office and work-related goodies!  You might find sticky notes in the shape of succulents, pom-poms on your paperclips or printed pencils with a powerful + positive thought!  Additionally, we also include something for your day off, affectionately referred to as our ‘Day Off Delight’!  This could be a beauty or healthcare product or something special to savor, but it’s there to help you enjoy your day off a little bit more! It’s as simple as that! Learn more about How DeskGlam works!

How much does it cost?

DeskGlam introduces you to different office accessory products, mostly from independent creativepreneurs for just $24.99 per month, excluding shipping (Also, the retail value is ALWAYS more than the cost you pay – guaranteed!).    

What’s inside a DeskGlam Box?

We believe that an inspiring workspace allows you to be more creative and produce your best work!  Our goal is to surround you with inspiring office necessities each month (think notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, paperclips, etc.).  Many of these items are completely from independent creativepreneurs who love office accessories + desk supplies as much as we do!  We also often include items for the care and keeping of you at your workspace (think scent sachets in flavors like Pineapple + Coconut or Mango + Tropical Flowers).  Also, you’ll find your ‘Day Off Delight’ (a small treat for your day off, like a new lip color or a calming face mask!)!  All of these items combined, form our DeskGlam box that is guaranteed to make you smile when you sit down at your desk, and keep you inspired all month long…until your next box!

How does billing work?

We’re a monthly recurring subscription: that means you are rebilled every month, unless you purchase a one-time gift.  Rebilling occurs always after you recieve your box (usually towards the end of the month).  

What is this month’s deadline?

We ship between the 10th – 15th of every month. The cutoff date is the 6th of each month.

If you order by the 6th of the current month, you’ll receive the next month’s box. For instance, if you ordered May 6th, you would receive our June Box.  

If you order on the 7th of the current month and beyond, you’ll receive the following month’s box: so, if you ordered May 7th, your first box would be our July Box.  

If you’d like to know if you made this month’s deadline, you can email us anytime at

Where and how do you ship?

DeskGlam ships via USPS Mail, which is delivered to all US States (including Alaska & Hawaii), terriroties, and APO addresses.  Shipping rates are set by USPS and not by DeskGlam.  APO addresses should allow up to 7 days additional delivery times…and thank you for your service!

How can i cancel my subscription and/or obtain a refund?

If you ever need to close your subscription, you can cancel at anytime by emailing us at

In order to receive a refund, you must request one before your box has shipped. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for boxes that have already shipped.  You may receive a refund for an order any time before shipment, which is around the 10th of the month.  (Also, if you are ever dissatisfied, we will do our very best to make your experience spectacular – please send us an email at!).

how do i contact you?

Just send us an email at! We’d love to hear from you!