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Happy June, DeskGlam Fam!  In this edition of Inside the Box, we’re super excited to introduce you to Emma from flhair Accessories!


So, all bossbabes know that famous adage ‘Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gangster rap and handle it’?  Well that – and, of course, Emma’s amazing business – inspired us to partner with her for our exciting June Box!


Emma, tell us more about you and your business!


Hey Babe! My name is Emma and I am your crafty girl behind the brand EmmaFlhair and Flhair Accessories. I custom make party favors, hair accessories and digital design work.


What inspired you to start your own business?


Working post college for an adverstising design and sales position for a magazine, I found myself wanting to create items not for my customers but for myself. I started making hair accessories and selling them on this new thing called Etsy (2009) and started selling a LOT. I am best known for the first t-shirt sailor knot headband on etsy (which has over 250,000 views) and the first bachelorette party favor hair ties listed on etsy. Since then my brand has been featured in wedding blogs – Something Turquoise, Brit+Co, Buzzfeed and Glamour Mag online and more. We partnered with the Daytime Emmy Awards (2014) for their official swag bags and a ton of other amazing big and small businesses.

 Emma FLHair + DeskGlam Office Accessories Desk Supplies

SOOOO COOL!  Talk about a serious #bossbabe!  What’s been the most challenging part? And the most rewarding?


I embrace challenges as difficult as they may be. It means I am growing and getting better. I find copycats and the long hours to be quite difficult but it makes me better. I offer new designs, new prints, new sayings when they are waiting to jump aboard. I make sure to take a lot of time off. It is only me here at the studio so I do juggle a lot of hats but I am always reminded how lucky I truly am to do what I love everyday. The most rewarding part? I would say my own hours and freedom to be me and create my brand. I love that I can take off for a trip and be able to work in different countries using my phone. I love that I can make custom items for people looking to find that special something for their wedding, party, bridal shower, baby shower and more! I do have the best customers in the world! I am loyal to them and they are loving and supportive in return.


“I embrace challenges as difficult as they may be.  It means I am growing and getting better.”
Preach, girl, we love that!  So, what’s your desk style? Are you a messy worker or do you prefer things clean, neat and organized?


My natural tendency is to be messy. As I look around my desk as I am typing this – there are stickers, washi tape, pens, confetti, etc. I hired a professional organizer a few years ago. I can clean the entire office in 15 minutes and have everything organized again. If you are a natural messy babe like me, hire a professional. I wish I would have done that sooner than later. Everything is organized now and it makes work a lot easier for me! I envy you clean/neat babes – if you have tips and tricks – send them my way! @emmaflhair


What’s your favorite inspirational quote?


“Work hard in silence, let the success be your noise” I surprise people with the amount of hair ties tied, packages sold, large companies that I have worked with under contract. It is cool to talk about those things when people want to know but I keep quiet on most things and keep working on daily, monthly, yearly goals.


Such a great quote (we may have to steal that one!).  What do you have in your workspace that inspires you?


I have a whole wall of inspiration from new ideas, paintings, articles that I have been featured in and partnerships. When I feel down or discouraged I look over at the wall and see all the great things I have been able to accomplish and it inspires me to keep going.

 Emma flHair + DeskGlam | Office Supplies + Desk accessory subscription box

Awesome – we’re all about an inspirational wall to keep us going.  Inspiring is what DeskGlam is all about! Let’s end today by asking our most favorite question: what office supply or desk accessory you can’t live without!?


I love office and desk accessories. My favorite would probably be pens. I love a good pen. My favorites are the Pilot G2, basic Bic pens and Paper Mate Flair (Flhair and Flair – I might be onto something ;)). Second favorite would be note pads to keep all the random ideas from in my head to out on my idea journal. If I am missing anything that is a holy grail to you, please let me know. I love trying out new items!


Okay, so we love Emma’s hustle as much as her amazing hair ties, which we’ve been wearing since she shipped her order to us!  We can’t wait to see what she does next! If you want to stay updated with what Emma’s working on next, be sure to follow her on Instagram @emmaflhair or visit her website for MORE amazing hair ties (and more!) at!

Until then, stay tuned for our next ‘Inside the Box’ post to learn more about who else we’ve included in this month’s box! You can find out about our latest blog posts by following us on Instagram at @deskglam or visiting our website at!