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Meet: Alexis Redman!  She’s the ‘mom boss’ behind Purposeful Indulgence and we were super excited to collaborate with her on our first ever DeskGlam box!  She custom-created some amazing products for us and, while working, we got to chat a little bit about her work as an entrepreneur and a mom boss!

Alexis is first and foremost a mom to two little boys.  She’s also a Full-Time teacher. And last, but certainly not least, she’s the designer, creator, dreamer and founder of office-supply geared etsy shop, Purposeful Indulgence!

Alexis’ passion for creating and making things started from a young age.  But when she became a full-time teacher and a mom, her creativity took a backseat.  In 2015, she realized she needed a change: “When I turned 35 at the end of 2015 I realized that for so many years, I’d always been focused on others.  During that time, I managed to forget about doing something just for myself.”

In January 2016, with the support of her husband, the dream of opening a small shop became a reality.  “I’ve learned so much about myself, made connections with others and friendships that I would not have otherwise made, and created something I’m truly proud of.”

Redman’s pride is not unfounded: her first line of products were a huge success on etsy!  And now, she’s got another adventure on the horizon: “My shop will be opening with a luanch of our new organization and accessory products in late April/early May!  You’ll find creative, sassy, classy and custom homemade organizers and accessories.”

At the time of writing, she’s already been tapped to collaborate with super popular Bloom Daily Planners.

Ask Alexis the most rewarding part of it all and she’ll tell you the designing is only one aspect of it: “It’s pretty incredible to have the opportunity to design something with my own imagination, create it with my own two hands, and then see others thrilled with the results.”

The best part of it all is the example she gets to set for her little ones: “There’s the ever-present ‘mom-guilt’…but recently I saw a quote on Instagram that read something like ‘Mompreneur: Not because being a mom isn’t enough, but because I am so much more.’  This has become my mantra.  There will always be guilt and never enough time, but I also know that I’m giving my children a positive role model, an example of what it looks like to work hard, never give up, and make your dreams come true.  They will see me as their mom, and a strong woman who took a leap of faith, believed in herself and hustled her heart out!”

Fun Facts About Alexis:

What do you have in your workspace that inspires you?

My children’s artwork! (Also way too much fabric, ribbon and anything sparkly!)

What office supply can you not live without?

I have three: cute little notebooks, post-it notes, and – as a teacher – smelly markers!

Visit Purposeful Indulgence at to check out Alexis’ amazing items!