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Okay, guys…Let’s start this blog post with a little confession…


My desk has not always been glam…


I know, I know. You’re saying “How could the Founder of DeskGlam ever work at anything LESS than a perfect desk.”

But there was a time!

Maybe you’re in the same boat?

When you arrive and sit down at the place where you’re meant to work, how do you feel? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Maybe you’ll just spend one more day working from the work cafeteria (and try to focus as the chef sings WAYYY off-key to the terrible cafeteria music?). Or maybe you avoid your workspace because there’s a bunch of cluttered paperwork that needs dealing with and’ And once you actually will yourself to sit down in your office chair, you turn on your computer, you proceed to receive 3,256 notifications – all ‘FYI’s that need to be addressed ‘ASAP’.

For many of us, myself once included, our workspaces, offices and symbols of stress!


When I think back to all the desks and workspaces I’ve had over the years, I have to say that I never really took my workspace that seriously. I didn’t really think that it mattered if my paperclips were scattered across my desk (or that they weren’t pink…who WAS I back then?!). I didn’t mind that my papers were piled up (even though, as the paper stack grew, so did my anxiety). I didn’t think my workspace was adding to my stress…but subconsciously, I totally felt it. As I continued to take on more responsibility at work and work on my creative pursuits at home, I realized that I didn’t like never having what I needed. I didn’t like feeling unprepared and scattered. I didn’t want to feel uninspired in the space where I was supposed to create my best work and pave my future.

I kind of wanted to feel that “I’ve got this” feeling all the time…I saw it in my head: When my boss needed a certain form ::POW!:: I knew that it was in my blue file folder! Someone needed an extra pen in a meeting? ::BAM:: A teal metal twist two-tone pen that read ‘Work Hard!’ down the barrel to the rescue! A highlighter to anazlyze my expense reports? :::BOOM!::: There it was, in a dusty lilac color that actually made reading Excel spreadsheets exciting!

So, I did what any person would do when they’re totally overwhelmed with work, uninspired by their environment and mentally checked out wondering ‘why can’t I get myself together?’


I searched for creativity! (Okay, it was in the form of online shopping, but still…!).  And I looked for the most exciting, colorful, happy, pretty desk items I could find.


And once I did, my work world got a whole lot less boring and overwhelming! Suddenly, I felt supercharged. I was excited to sit down at my desk! I had everything I needed right when I needed it and where I needed it. And not only did I have it…I felt happy when I used them! I sorted through my paperwork (using ribbon-topped paperclips!), attached important memos to my file cabinets with pineapple magnets, and marked off dates in my calendar with pink pens and a tiny strip of washi-tape.

Suddenly, I had that “I’ve got this!” feeling every day- both mentally…and environmentally!


(Coincidentally, my boss noticed my improvement and, at this point in the story, I ended up getting promoted! Now, I’m not saying that pineapple magnets got me promoted…but I’m also not going to NOT say it!)


Adding some inspiration and color to my desk decreased my stress and increased my creativity. It made me feel prepared, relaxed and excited to take on my day!

And that’s exactly what I want you to feel when you get your DeskGlam Box!



DeskGlam was created to inspire you each and every month with carefully-curated, thoughtful, unique, colorful and most importantly, inspiring office items. We keep it fun and functional without sacrificing ‘professional’; we keep it stylish, but we refuse compromise class and elegance.


What you’ll find in a DeskGlam box will inspire you to keep going when you’re staying late to prep for a big client presentation or studying for a final exam the next day, laying in bed with your planner jotting down ideas for your creative side hustle that will allow you to break out of your 9 to 5. Or, if you love your 9 to 5, we’re there to keep you organized, well-stocked and on top of things because you’ve got better things to focus on than ordering binder clips every month (especially those regulation black ones…#boring).


With all of that being said, we hope that you’re excited for Friday, April 28! Because we’re launching and DeskGlam is coming to shake up your workspace!


Until then, I’m here to chat about work, creative pursuits, or anything pineapple-magnet related! Just email me at!


xo –